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Flat Paper Scroll

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poetry [Nov. 16th, 2001|03:40 pm]
Flat Paper Scroll
which tastes like copper
and copper
which tastes like pennies
and your tears which taste
so much like me
and your conscience
which tastes like nothing
but the deep
black of space
and Jupiter
which tastes like
bitter jealousey
something to change you
sweet glutton

You feed on me
and the eternity of life
you feed on bitter justifications
mirrored against your
and you hunger
for all the insanities
you can fit into one psycosis

Gods forgive you
should you ever fast
should you lose the weight of guilt
should you find yourself too small
for the coming truth
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poetry [Nov. 16th, 2001|03:34 pm]
Flat Paper Scroll
it was cold-
the pressing of your tongue
against my wounded flesh
you wanted to lick me clean
take away the infection-
But your tongue doesn't
penetrate deep enough.

Crystals began to form
on the window panes
from within
and I could see you cringe
whenever you felt
the burning heat
of my self

And faster your tongue
would dig
as if to keep my flesh
from melting
and I saw your wild breath
cascade white against the
still air

and I would writhe
and flinch
as your teeth brushed
against my sensitive fear
finding your tongue
at it's limit
and I would cry out
but your tongue
chased down my self
and froze it to perfection
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Copyrights and such [Nov. 7th, 2001|03:52 pm]
Flat Paper Scroll
ALL written or visual material presented in this journal is the property and creation of Kimberly Gunderson (akashatears) unless otherwise stated....nothing may be reproduced, distributed or quoted without the consent of the author.
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