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Love's Chase [Dec. 13th, 2005|11:37 am]
Flat Paper Scroll

Love’s Chase

I sat in Persephone’s court
And heard her speak of love
And saw a flower without light
That would never learn to grow
And so Persephone who spoke of love
Was really all alone.

I went to Diana in her cart
And saw her hunt the stars
She captured a youngling man
And took him to her bower
And from her lips
Did I hear each detail
And she called it love
But she sent him back
And again she hunted

I sought out nymphs
And faeries
Within the jeweled woods
And frolicked with satyrs
Forever up to no good
I listened to their pipes
And heard mourning in their songs
And still they could not capture Love
Though they chased it
From morning until dusk
They say you can not capture love
And desperate though they’ve tried
they make music
And take the merry chase
Perhaps to chase Love
From where it hides

Aphrodite with her golden skin
Scholar of the amorous arts
Knows not of what I speak of
When I tell her of empty nights
She tilts her head askew
And regards me with a stare
“I have a man in every bed
And none would stray, nor would they dare.”
But I asked her if she Loved,
With aching chest
And pounding heart
A mystery of irrationality
She shook her head
And smiled disarmingly
“I am Goddess of Man’s Lust
Eros knows your care.”

So dejected I sought him out
Eros God of love
With golden bow
And dainty feet
And a smile so fair
He took me in his arms
And brushed his lips against my cheek
“If Love is all you seek-
It lies there,
Beneath the breast of your heart,
And if true lovers kiss you crave
Look no further than he
Who reads the pages of your heart
and understands the tongue. “

And so from Eros
I learned a lesson I will never lose
That if I wished to know of Love
I learned it all from you

[User Picture]From: canohye
2006-04-21 10:23 am (UTC)

Wolves' Milk

Amongst myriad
Worthless miracles
Something is lost

It will be found
And is only small
Because it is curled up

Something new, delicate
Impenetrable as an aggshell
For fear of harming an embryo

Pale, yet full of headiness untested
Like a dawn, or
Wolves' milk
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From: dragonpoet25
2006-06-02 06:30 am (UTC)
Braises walks the path to her master
In virgin robes, she seeks Posiden’s blessing
In his temple she finds his truth
Before her bathed in Golden light
A God made man
And in his arms made complete
In his eyes a universe to discover
A mother by harvest
The father a God
The father a legend who helped capture her land
He was a hero
She a tragic woman
Hearts greatest desire brings her madness
Mans simplest duty brought him fame

Your poem eroticism wrapped in a silken quilt or words
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[User Picture]From: kalynn_osburn
2006-09-06 06:59 pm (UTC)
Oh my! this is absolutly lovely.
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From: stalkings
2006-12-31 02:59 am (UTC)

Well done!

I think you've done a magnificent job with this poem!!!! My favorite is your first verse about Persephone. It's beautiful... and sad. I love it!
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[User Picture]From: monkey_fuzz
2007-01-21 06:54 pm (UTC)


I absolutely adore any references to Persephone--that's my name.
And great poem, it's very vivid.
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[User Picture]From: shekhu1
2007-02-27 08:48 am (UTC)

Truly well written...

You have expressed the mystery behind love very well, liked it very much. especially the elusiveness of love has come out really well. keep up the good work. and yah, please see some poetry written by me on http://shekhu.deviantart.com/
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