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in my notebook [Jul. 22nd, 2005|02:38 pm]
Flat Paper Scroll
You would not be interested -
in my love songs.

My morning tirads about
starlight and honey suckle
I could handle indifference
like the blade of a butterknife
but never a glimmer of hope
nor a portion of caring-
doled out- just for me
like candle light and a bouquette of roses-
it's too personal-

Don't care, because I will-
a motionless heart warming-
still blood- these lost tides
and waves-
I don't want caring
lapping at my soul
tasting-(life like strawberries)-
if you had decency-
you wouldn't be interested-
to keep me from these tangles
of briars, thistles and tiny thorns,
just stop- stop asking, stop wanting,
are these words to you?-
or to me?-

I am ill proportioned
to this well of insecurities,
so stop drinking-thirsting-
I will make you sick and
in doing so you would filter
me all out so I am pure again-
be aloof I beg-
stand stoic and untouched
for I will beg the touching
and begin to believe
then truth, whatever truth
shall shatter the dream
So take no whim of intrigue
for why would I matter
so much-
who thinks so little-
and you would make me seem-
less fleeting-substantial-
I could not handle inner desire
made real in our flesh-
so I beg be not interested-
in my love songs.